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Ariana Grande Cat Headphones Review [Brookstone Limited Edition]

Are you a gamer or too fond of music production? You must know the worth of quality headphones. Headphones are a crucial part of every gamers or musicians’ life.

We are going to help you out in knowing about one of the best headphones in the market. Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are the best option that you can get for your music and gaming purposes. From the sound effect to the quality of the sound, everything is wow.

The headphones can prove to be your best choice. Here we are to guide you thoroughly about the Ariana Grande headphone. With no further ado, let’s have a look!

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A Complete Overview of Ariana Grande Cat Headphones

ariana grande cat ear headphones

Image credit: Brookstone

These Brookstone limited edition Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are available with fantastic external speakers that give you the highest quality sound effect. The best thing about Ariana Grande cat ear headphones is that it has built-in Bluetooth headphone that allows you to input clear sound into the gameplay, or you can also use it to record voice.

The color-changing accents of Brookston Ariana Grande headphones make it more exciting for the users. Imagine your headphones changing color while you are listening to music or playing a game. It not only sounds fantastic, but it also looks like a fantasy.

These Ariana Grande headphones are the complete package for your sound system and your gaming because the sound and the quality of the headphones are wow. Let’s have a look at the specs that Ariana Grande limited edition headphones have to offer you!

More product information:

Weight1 pound
Dimensions11.2 x 8 x 5.51 inches
Launch dateDecember 5, 2016


  • Ariana Grande Signature: The best thing about Ariana Grande cat headphones is that Ariana Grande endorses these headphones officially, which adds to the worth of these Ariana Grande cat ear headphones, and it available for a limited duration.
  • Sound Quality: The crystal-clear headphone sound is the best quality of these Ariana Grande cat ear headphones, which make it the best option in the market.
  • Speaker: External cat ear speakers make it dual functioning headphones as you can also use it as a speaker even if you are not putting the headphones on the ears.
  • Microphone: A built-in microphone is another perk of using Ariana Grande cat ear headphones that you can use to answer calls or to interact with the game interface when needed.
  • Wireless Design: The best thing about these headphones is that it is completely wireless, which means that you don’t have to worry about tangling cables, for there is no cable in the headphone that will trap to frustrate you.
  • Bluetooth: It is more than fantastic that Ariana Grande headphones are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It means no matter what type and model of the device is, Ariana Grande headphones will work with that device.
  • USB: This fantastic headphone is a rechargeable USB C and gives you up to 5 hours of smooth playtime. What can be better than having so many features in a single headphone!


If we talk about this fantastic headphone, we see that it is a combination of all the incredible features that are necessary for any headphone. The fun design of Ariana Grande wireless headphones is something that attracts the users to the fullest. The first thing that we all are concerned about is the quality, and the solid build quality of these headphones makes them the best option available in the market. The elegant white color of these headphones makes it equally exciting for both males and females.

ariana grande cat ear headphones design

Image credit: Brookstone

There is no gender discrimination so that everyone can benefit from this limited edition of these cute headphones. The best elegant design of Brookston Ariana Grande headphones adds to the beauty of these headphones. The company paid extra attention to the design of these headphones so that it can attract more customers. The flexible design makes it adjustable for different sizes.

If we sum up the design of Ariana Grande wireless headphones, we will say that it is the best design that you can have in the market. The only bad thing is that it is a limited edition, so you shouldn’t delay any further and grab yours now!

Lighting and Speakers

You know what the best part of Brookston Ariana Grande headphones? The lightning and the speakers. The light button is located at the edge of the right earpad. When you press this button, the built-in lights will turn on automatically. It looks eye-capturing when a cat ear headphone lights up the whole mood, it looks fantastic.

The best thing about these lights is that they are not bright enough to be troublesome for the others. The soft lights only look incredible. You can control when the lights should turn on and when not. The speaker doesn’t depend on the lights, and you can turn off the lights whenever you want by pressing the light button on the right earpad. In short, Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are the best headphones that you can opt for.


If you have been looking for the best headphones to satisfy your music cravings, or to feel every sound of your game, cheer up!

Ariana Grande cat ear headphones are here in the market that you can opt for. Although many other headphones are available in the market, these headphones have no competition in the market. None of the other headphones can come up to the level of superiority of Ariana Grande cat headphones. If you want to feel the music, you must buy these headphones to bring your music sessions to a higher level. The sound quality, the bass, the batteries, the lights, and the design everything is just more than excellent. Get it now, and enjoy the perfect sound on Ariana Grande cat headphones!

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