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10 Best Headphones for Laptop with Mic 2023 [Ultimate List]

Lots of working people have needed laptop headphones with mic for the video conference even since before the pandemic. Now, some people use the same application type for leisurely uses. Such things include meetings with friends, families, and relatives.

You need the best headphones for the laptop to record your voice and to hear other people’s voices vividly. At some points, you may even require the best laptop headphones with a mic in case the built-in microphones are breaking down.

If you are looking for laptop headphones, in this article, we will recommend 10 best laptop headphones with a mic for you.

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10 Best Headphones for Laptop with Mic

1. TECKNET Laptop Wireless Headset with Microphone

TECKNET Laptop Wireless Headset

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TECKNET Laptop Wireless Headset becomes one of the best laptop headphones with a mic due to its ability to thrive in noisy environments.


  • The rotatable 270-degree microphone to the right or left side.
  • The dual connectivity lets you connect to telephone headsets and two smartphones simultaneously.
  • The plug and play charging base allow up to two days of talking time and four days standby time.

2. COOSII P80C Laptop Headphones with Dual Microphone

COOSII Laptop Headphones with Dual Microphone

Image credit: COOSII

This COOSII laptop headphone is also one of the best headphones for a laptop that office and remote workers often use. It has several features stated below.


  • The advanced CVC 6.0 can cancel outside noises and clarify your voices.
  • You can redial, transfer, answer or reject calls using the multifunction button on this headphone.

3. HP Wired Laptop Headset with mic

HP Wired Laptop Headset with mic

Image credit: HP

This wired laptop headset has once again led HP to be the leader in the electronic device industry. This one of the best headsets with a microphone for a laptop has many competitive features for gamers.


  • It supports various gaming devices, such as PS4 or Xbox One.
  • The 50mm drivers produce robust bass sounds throughout the in-game battle stages.

4. AILIHEN Wired Headphones for Laptop with Microphone

AILIHEN Wired Laptop Headphones

Image credit: AILIHEN

AILIHEN may not be a well-known headphone brand. Yet, you may change your mind when you see its decent over-ear designs and features.


  • The collapsible nature makes it convenient for you to bring it everywhere you go.
  • This one of the best headphones for a laptop will not twist or break when you use it the way it should be.

5. Logitech H390 Laptop Headphones

Logitech Laptop Headphones

Image credit: Logitech

The enhanced digital audio quality makes this Logitech headphone become one of the best headphones for laptop.


  • It does not only cancel noises. Instead, it also rotates them out of the way when you are not using the headphone.
  • The two-year warranty duration is longer than other headphones and similar electronic device programs.

6. JLab Go Work Wireless Laptop Headphones with Boom Mic

JLab Go Work Wireless Laptop Headphones Mic

Image credit: JLab

The JLab brand specializes in Bluetooth-based electronic devices. This one of the best headsets with microphones for laptops is no exception.


  • The Form-Fit ear cups and the Cloud Foam cushions work together in providing ultimate comfort levels.
  • The Bluetooth multipoint feature allows you to connect with two or more electronic devices while using this headphone product.
  • You can push the mute button on the outside ear surface to isolate yourself from the outside noises.

7. Riwbox Cat Ear Laptop Headphone with Microphone

Riwbox Laptop Headphone with Microphone

Image credit: Riwbox

The Riwbox Cat Ear Laptop Headphone is an interactive headphone product to stimulate play. The features do not stop in the distinctive cat ear constructions.


  • The M button on this headphone can turn on or off the LED when you press and hold it for three seconds.
  • You can still plug in the headphones and play music even when it has run out of batteries.
  • The foldable nature makes these headphones suitable for kids to bring while traveling or doing any school activities.

8. Wireless Laptop Headphones with Deep Bass

Wireless Laptop Headphones

Image credit: Zihnic

Do you wish to communicate without having to leave your headphones? This wireless laptop headphone offers maximum comfort levels with plenty of features.


  • The faux leather materials, the foldable and stretchable nature, and the super-delicate memory foam provide ultimate comfort for the wearers.
  • You can enjoy hands-free calls by using this laptop headphone.
  • The wired mode lets you enjoy non-stop music.
  • It can switch back and forth between MP3 and FM mode while you listen to music.

9. Pacrate Headset with Microphone for Laptop

Pacrate Laptop Headset with Microphone

Image credit: Pacrate

This one of the best headphones for laptop has professional designs that suit most gaming needs. Adults and children can enjoy the loudest game music while hanging these headphones on their ears.

After all, the company behind this headphone product has microphone and headset research as their backups. The results are their distinctive features.


  • The 50mm magnetic neodymium driver synergizes with top-notch audio techniques to provide considerable bass quality and vivid sound fields while recording or playing any sound type.
  • The high-end noise cancellation allows you to hear other people in the video. Consequently, you can speak to these people more confidently. The flexible mic is the feature that supports this function.
  • This one of the best headphones for laptop supports a connection with Microsoft Adapter and syncs well with PSP, Nintendo 3DS, tablets, and diverse types of smartphones.

10. OneOdio Over-Ear Headphones for Laptop

OneOdio Headphones for Laptop

Image credit: OneOdio

One of the color choices in OneOdio Over-Ear Headphone products is the rose gold color.

These things make this OneOdio headphone one of the best headphones for laptop for women and girls. Not stopping there, OneOdio has comfortable ear cushions for isolating noises.

OneOdio has numerous considerable features despite their delicate appearances. We will see some of them in the next point.


  • The long DJ-style 9.8-feet cord makes it unnecessary for you to use adapters. After all, these cords conveniently reach from the TV or other stereo devices to your far-away chairs.
  • The ear cups can swivel for 90 degrees. In addition, the self-adjustable and flexible nature of the ear cups lessens your burden in listening to the sounds in your video conference programs.
  • The unit drivers do not only possess the large 50mm size. They also have neodymium magnets as their materials. Such things make them have no problems in delivering vivid bass sounds.

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