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10 True Wireless Earbuds on Reddit in 2023

Update: We added a comparison tabble for a quick look on May 15, 2022.

Reddit is the place for getting recommendations on many life aspects, including wireless earbuds.

Luckily, Reddit users have listed wireless earbuds from noise-canceling, high-quality sound, or budget criteria.

Based on all the features, here are 10 true wireless earbuds that we think belong the best.

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10 Wireless Earbuds on Reddit

Below is the list of 10 best true wireless earbuds from Reddit for a quick look.



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 Samsung - Amazon’s Choice

 Beats - Noise Cancelling Earbuds

JBL - Cheap Wireless Earbuds

Libratone - for Workout

 SENNHEISER CX 400BT - Outstanding Sound

Apple AirPods 2 - Editor’s Choice

OnePlus Z - Budget Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM3  - Best Overall

Anker Soundcore - for Work

COMISO - for Outdoor Workout

1. Samsung True Wireless Earbuds – Amazon’s Choice

Samsung True Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: Samsung

Samsung True Wireless Earbuds become the best wireless earbuds Reddit for a reason.

It is because this wireless earbud is a suitable companion for you to eliminate distracting noises.

Some users refer to this earbud as Galaxy Buds+.

No matter what the alternative names are, here are the features that will make you think Galaxy Buds+ is the best earbuds Reddit.

  • The Ambient Aware2 feature allows you to listen to your order numbers or flight announcements while tuning yourself to your playlists.
  • Get up to 11 hours of nonstop music for a one-time charge.
  • Integration to Android and iOS-based smartphones to check the battery conditions.

2. Beats Studio Buds – Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Beats Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Image credit: Beats

The Beats Studio earbuds have been some of the best true wireless earbuds Reddit for their resistance to water and sweat.

More specifically, this product has recently earned the Class 1 categorization and the IPX4 rating for dealing with the user’s water and sweat.


  • The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and the Transparency modes for controlling the sounds.
  • Get up to 24 hours of listening time with the pocket-sized charging case.
  • It has a 90-days guarantee from Amazon.

3. JBL 125TWS buds – Cheap Wireless Earbuds

JBL Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: JBL

People have acknowledged the JBL brand as the sound brand that brings comfort to the ears.

This economically-priced wireless earbud is no exception with the following features:

  • The direct integration with Android with a single tap.
  • The Dual Connect feature for calling and enjoying the music.
  • The legendary Pure Bass sounds empower festivals and concerts.

4. Libratone Track Air True Wireless Earbuds

Libratone True Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: Libratone

The wireless earbuds from Libratone are the best true wireless earbuds on Reddit due to their crystal clear sound outputs.

Their high-performance Qualcomm QCC3026 enables them to sustain the Bluetooth connections.


  • The chic Scandinavian-styled designs won the Red Dot Design Award 2019.
  • The IPX4-certified resistance levels to water and sweats.
  • The CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling technology and built-in dual microphones for phone calls.

5. SENNHEISER CX 400BT Wireless Earbuds – Outstanding Sound

SENNHEISER Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: SENNHEISER

This is one of the best wireless earbuds on Reddit which is another wireless earbud that supports both iOS and Android.

It has passive noise cancellation that makes the sound outputs outstanding.


  • Support various types of audio codecs, including AAC, aptX, and SBC.
  • The built-in audio equalizer feature acts as the voice assistant for this earbud product.
  • Get up to 20 hours of music playtime through a one-time charge.

6. Apple AirPods 2-TWS Pioneer – Editor’s Choice

Apple AirPods

Image credit: Apple

This Apple-made wireless earbud is not only customizable with the custom speaker driver.

This best earbuds Reddit also produces clear sound.


  • It connects directly to Apple iPhone and Siri (Apple’s built-in virtual assistant).
  • The Transparency mode and the anti-noise technology eliminate noises from the outside.
  • More than one additional charge with more than 24 hours of battery life for each charging device.

7. OnePlus Buds Z – Best Budget Earbuds

OnePlus Buds Z

Image credit: OnePlus

The $39.99 price makes OnePlus Buds one of the best budget earbuds.

The ergonomic designs are also comfortable, light, and secure.

The following features of these best wireless earbuds Reddit can immerse you in the music, game, and video worlds of your choices:


  • It has the IP55 certification for resistance against water, sweat, and dust.
  • It can connect to either a OnePlus phone (with the additional Quick Pair and Find My Buds applications) or a non-OnePlus phone (with the HeyMelody application).
  • The noise reduction algorithms can clarify voices during phone calls.

8. Sony WF-1000XM3 – Best Overall

Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds

Image credit: Sony

The most prominent feature of this Sony wireless earbud lies in its ability to let you listen to your favorite music without interruption.

No wonder many people refer to these best wireless earbuds Reddit as the noise-canceling wireless earbuds.

So, here are Sony WF-1000XM3’s features that can cancel noises on almost any level:

  • The hands-free calling feature allows you to double-tap the earbud and leave your phones in their places while making phone calls.
  • The industry-leading digital noise cancellation technology for experiencing virtual soundproof sessions.
  • The intelligent listening technology with adaptive sound controls to auto-switch to the ambient sound mode.

9. Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds

Anker Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: Anker

This wireless earbud is the best true wireless earbuds Reddit if you wish to create a space for your home office.

This Anker wireless earbud does not only transmit vivid sound qualities.

The accuracy levels are also the highest in the industries.

The formidable qualities that Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds exist for many reasons.

The majority of the factors are because of the features we list below:

  • The Graphene Drivers delivers exceptional sound accuracy. When we couple this feature with the CVC 8.0 technology, we will get sound qualities on par with the music festivals.
  • The BassUp technology enhances the bass parts by 43%.
  • The IPX7 water resistance certification.

10. COMISO Wireless Earbuds

COMISO Wireless Earbuds

Image credit: COMISO

The alternative name for the COMISO Wireless Earbuds is the COMISO sport earbuds.

These best wireless earbuds Reddit has the IPX7 waterproof certification that lets you enjoy the music while exercising amid rainy weather.

The built-in speakers even provide you with unforgettable music-listening experiences.

Here are the lists of more features that COMISO Wireless Earbuds offer:

  • It has rich bass sounds, HD binaural calls, and crystal-crisp treble to produce more vivid sound outputs.
  • You can switch between Stereo Mode and Mono Mode.
  • It can connect to your phone’s Bluetooth, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 chip it has.


Reddit had recommended various earbuds for use.

We just selected the best true wireless earbuds on Reddit.

If you have any other earbuds that deserved to share, please leave a comment below.

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