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10 Best Bose Sleepbuds Alternative 2023 for Noise Cancelling

Update: We added a guide on what features need to consider when you choose the best sleepbuds alternative on May 31, 2022.



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 Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds

1MORE ComfoBuds Z Wireless Sleep Earbuds 

WEDOKING Bluetooth Sleep Headphones 

Omidyi Noise Cancelling Sleepbuds

Perytong Sleep Headphones 

MAXROCK Wireless Sleeping Headphones

Damipow True Wireless Sleep Earbuds

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband

Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds

Afflatus Ear Plugs for Sleeping Noise Cancelling

Bose is one of the audio companies that have produced sleepbuds in the past. However, Bose has decided to discontinue the sleepbuds product in 2019.

So, people who use sleepbuds should look for a Bose Sleepbuds alternative. Or, they can also look for a Bose Sleepbuds 2 alternative. This article will walk you through the alternative products for Bose Sleepbuds.

What Makes a Good Sleepbuds Alternative

Comfortability: This is the first feature you need to consider when you choose a pair of sleepbuds. It will be a disaster for your ears if the sleepbuds are of bad quality. You don’t want your ears to be in pain after waking overnight. One key feature is whether the sleepbus support different size of the ear canal.

In-ear or Tradition Style: In the market, there are two options from which you can choose. The first one is in-ear which is compact and modern. The second one is the Bluetooth style which is a popular choice if your ears are easy to get pain.

10 Best Bose Sleepbuds Alternative

1. Amazfit Zenbuds Smart Sleep Earbuds – Best Bose Sleepbuds Alternative for All

Amazfit Bose Sleepbuds Alternative

Image credit: Amazfit

The personal assistant for Zenbuds smart sleep earbuds has the Pomodoro timer to increase your productivity. At the same time, the breathing exercise from the assistant and the ear ridge perfect fit blocks the outside noises and calms down your mind.


  • One of the rare sleep earbuds to have a Pomodoro timer for productivity.
  • The breathing exercises are supportive for calming down the mind.
  • Can monitor sleeping positions and not only heart rates.


  • The music automatically shuts off when the device caught us sleeping.
  • Adjusting the volume is a nuisance for this earbud.

2. 1MORE ComfoBuds Z Wireless Sleep Earbuds – Editor‘s Pick

1MORE Bose Sleepbuds Alternative

Image credit: 1MORE

1MORE ComfoBuds has a default playlist that you can listen to. You can play the music while you’re asleep. The earbud itself can mask noises because they have an ergonomic design.


  • You can play different playlist songs while you’re asleep.
  • You can choose your auto-off timer for the music.
  • The chargers and the USB ports are convenient to find.


  • The noise-blocking power has a limit of 24 dB.
  • It’s not a great choice for side-sleeping.

3. WEDOKING Bluetooth Sleep Headphones – Bose Sleepbuds Alternative for Samll Ear

WEDOKING Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Image credit: WEDOKING

Many people choose to gift this bestBose Sleepbuds alternative for many reasons. First, WEDOKING Bluetooth Sleep Headphones come with a longer playtime hour than other brands. Second, thisBose Sleepbuds alternative has a convenient smart touch control.


  • The ear fins replacements come in three customizable sizes.
  • The total 4-hour playtime after a single charge is long enough.
  • The smart touch control lets you control the sleepbuds without operating the phones.


  • This sleep headphone brand is not great for side-sleeping.
  • The connectivity issue can make them beep inside the ears.

4. Omidyi Noise Cancelling Sleepbuds – Bose Sleepbuds 2 Alternative

Omidyi bose sleepbuds 2 alternative

Image credit: Omidyi

Omidyi Noise Cancelling Sleepbuds may look like any other Bose Sleepbuds alternative that they cancel up to 24 dB sounds. Nonetheless, many users have pre-tested the sleepbud products in a clinical setting.


  • The specialist in canceling noises from snores and traffics.
  • The 4.5-hour playtime and the additional 27 hours of play make this product durable.
  • Many people have praised the friendly after-sale services.


  • You can only upload music inside the Music Library.
  • The jarring sound is annoying when the battery runs low.

5. Perytong Sleep Headphones – Bose Sleepbuds Alternative for Side Sleepers

Perytong bose sleepbuds alternative

Image credit: Perytong

With its unique bandanna shape, Perytong Sleep Headphones become one of the Bose Sleepbuds alternatives (or the Bose Sleepbuds 2 alternative) you can consider. The bandanna not only keeps you from noises but also guards you against sweats while not messing with your hair.


  • The bandanna headband shape is perfect for many purposes.
  • The headband is also stretchable and washable.
  • The two built-in speakers inside the headband are unique.


  • It has shorter-than-average playing times (only 10 hours).
  • There are no cushions on the front part of the plastic units.

6. MAXROCK Wireless Sleeping Headphones

MAXROCK bose sleepbuds alternative

Image credit: MAXROCK

Silicone-made sleeping buds are the products we’re referring to when we talk about a Bose Sleepbuds alternative(or a Bose Sleepbuds 2 alternative). The earplug-designed MAXROCK headphones are some of them. Besides, this headphone is convenient to carry for different purposes.


  • The suitable choice for blocking noises from the living room or offices.
  • The music time and talking time are quite long (about six hours).
  • We can differentiate the charging red lights conveniently.


  • The Bluetooth 4.1 technology is a little outdated.
  • Not every activity fits with the neckband designs (including sleeping).

7. Damipow True Wireless Sleep Earbuds

Damipow True Wireless Sleep Earbuds

Image credit: Damipow

Damipow earbuds advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes them capable to play music on Bluetooth devices with the same versions. Their abilities to decrease the latency levels to 30 ms also make them the suitable Bose Sleepbuds alternative for gaming purposes.


  • One of the few earbuds that can decrease latency levels.
  • The one-second long-press is convenient to use.
  • It supports iPhone connections.


  • The USB-C port (or the charging port for this earbud) is getting rarer.
  • Some users report sound cutting when they use it for quite a long time.

8. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband

MUSICOZY bose Sleep Headphones alternative

Image credit: MUSICOZY

The MUSICOZY Bluetooth Headband may look like anotherBose Sleepbuds alternative or a Bose Sleepbuds 2 alternative. Yet, this headband has the IPX6 waterproof certification. The bio-cellulose domes and the 40 mm composite drivers work together in creating the perfect bass sounds.


  • It has bio-cellulose domes and 40 mm drivers to produce robust bass sounds.
  • The headband casing has the submarine-level IPX6 waterproof certification.
  • The one-hour average recharging time is practical.


  • Not every device fits with the advanced 5.2 technology version.
  • The wire replacement is costly.

9. Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds

Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds

Image credit: Hearprotek

ThisBose Sleepbuds 2 alternative is for any side-sleepers who wish for an earbud product that supports their sleeping habits. Hearprotek Sleep Earbuds also have double-layered soft-silicone constructs to support side sleepers.


  • One of the sleeping buds that can support side sleepers.
  • The extremely light weights (only 0.37oz per pair) make them friendly for people with sensitive ears.
  • It has 1.25 meters of extra-thin, non-restrictive wires.


  • It only works with older versions of iPhone devices.
  • The 24 dB noise cancellation power is rather weak compared to other Hearprotek earbud types.

10. Afflatus Ear Plugs for Sleeping Noise Cancelling

bose sleepbuds alternative

Image credit: Afflatus

Afflatus earplugs have a unique and colorful cat tail construct that won’t pressure your ear canals. Their Japan-imported silicons also get the RoHS certification. These entire elements make Afflatus become anotherBose Sleepbuds 2 alternative you can consider.


  • The cattail constructs are unique, colorful, and won’t hurt the ear canals.
  • There is one large earplug pair for adults and another one is small for children in one packaging.
  • The price is quite economical compared to other earbuds.


  • It can not block all noises.
  • The seals can become sweaty overnight.

FAQ about Sleepbuds Alternative

1 Are Zenbooks good?

Yes, Zenbooks are good after testing. If you are looking for a Bose sleepbuds alternative, Zenbooks is the best one. It is light and small to use. There is no harm to your ears with a long-wearing time. Almost 12 hours to use after fully charged.  Zenbooks can make sure you have a quiet and nice sleeping experience.

2 Why did Bose discontinue Sleepbuds?

In 2019, Bose discontinued Sleepbuds because of battery issues and customers complained a lot. Bose SleepBuds II was launched on October 13, 2020. Nobody knows whether Bose will update the new version or not.


Above are the 10 best Bose Sleepbuds alternatives. From editor’s pick to suited for all, there’s always one type sleepbuds that you will like. Leave a comment to let us know.

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